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About this item

  • Is built on the same tried-and-tested reflector technology delivering intense heat for that solar sizzle.
  • Use  where the sun shines
    Whether it is your neighbor’s backyard, a long weekend at a national park, or a day out on the beach, take  with you wherever you go. It is light. It is compact. It is easy to use. Just point at the sun and start cooking right away!
  • Backyard and Balcony Grilling: Enjoy a lazy solar meal with on your balcony or backyard. Or extend your outdoor kitchen with this additional stove.
  • Camping/RV: Tuck in your trunk or RV, and start cooking when you get to your new destination. It takes only minutes to set up and it’s ready to boil water and cook simple meals with direct sun light. Better still – no fuel is required so you can travel light.
  • Beach BBQ and Picnicking: Power your family beach outing. Start toasting your buns and grilling your sausages in no time as heats up in minutes.
  • Tailgating: Set your on the back of a truck, and add some solar sizzle to your tailgating party. Don’t just grill sausages and burgers – pop some solar popcorn and make some noise!
  • Boating: Dropped anchor in a secluded cove and ready to cook your catch of the day? Just point at the sun and start cooking. works even in the wind.
  • Preparedness: Preparing for emergencies and the unexpected? is your indispensable tool: you can boil water for drinking and cook quick meals.
  • Back Us: Be Part Of The Clean Energy Revolution
    We need your support to raise funds to commence production of and help you step forward into the Age of Sunlight. In our previous successful, we helped thousands of families leave energy poverty and pollution behind. we want you to be part of the Clean Energy Revolution. So back this project and make a difference!
  • How do I use ?
    is super easy to use – just point at the sun and start cooking! You can grill, boil, pan fry, reheat and stir fry. Because it heats up quickly, you can get your solar sizzle going in no time.
  • No special cookware is required – is compatible with a wide range of camping and outdoor cookware. We have written an article to help you choose the right cookware.
  • And for packing away? It takes no time – about 180 seconds. And the carrying case (not included) will fit easily in the trunk or back of the truck.
  • Can I cook in the wind or if it’s cold outside?
    Yes you can! We have tested on a hill, in a valley the, and at the quayside. Be sure to send us pictures if you take to Everest Base Camp!
  • Summer time is prime time for solar cooking. With those long summer days come long solar cooking hours. You’d be surprised how early you can start brewing your coffee in the morning, and how late you can cook your evening meal with.

Technical Details

Materials:Black aluminum base and polymer reflective panels
Diameter:31.5 in / 80 cm
Height:31.5 in / 80 cm
Weigh:‎10 lbs / 4.5 kg
Max Cooking Temperatur:400°F / 200°C
Assembly:Assembles in less than 5 minutes


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