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Waterproof 12V Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer Pro 20W Solar Panel Trickle Charging Kit

20 Watts Solar Panel Trickle Battery Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV


1. What does the meaning of the LED indicator light status?

The LED indicator allows to clearly monitor working status: Blink Green: Sunshine is effective (Not Active yet); Blink Red: Working to charge the battery (Activated); Solid Green: Battery is fully charged; Solid Red: Error-Reversed polarity.

2. Why there is No current (Amp) or DC Voltage out of the solar panel?

Unlike regular solar panels, the solar battery charger you ordered was built-in intelligent MPPT charge controller chip and improved 3 stages of charging, there is no way to test any output when it is inactive, this is the reason why you got zero voltage reading. However, you can add a multimeter inline to test charge current, like the way to test an electrical battery charger.

3. I left the solar battery charger in my car for a week and it doesn’t charge anything?

For some makes or models of vehicles, the cigarette lighter port may not operate when the ignition is turned off. In such case, you can connect directly to the battery terminals using the alligator clamp or bare end cable provided.

4. Will this 12volt solar battery charger work with Lithium battery? Like LifePO4 lithium battery?

Yes, this solar battery maintainer safely supports Wet Gel Cell, Deep Cycle,Flooded, Maintenance-free, AGM, Seal Lead Acid and LiFePO4 Lithium Battery.


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