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About this item

  • At its core, the is a tent.  But it’s not just any tent.  This all-in-one camping system by your favorite outdoor is also your sleeping bag, air-mattress, bug mesh, flysheet, picnic blanket, temperature regulator and hammock!  We think you’ll find that nearly every piece of the is multi-functional.
  • At its most basic, the is a kind of bivy bag with a blow up mattress that combines with a quilt. That quilt is waterproof on one side so it can also be used as a picnic blanket.
  • Then there are two rigid inflatable arches – the kind you find on those inflatable tents you get from the likes of  and a bugproof mesh that is strung up onto them.
  • After that’s all up, you can then fix the heat reflecting flysheet over the top and this can then be propped up on either side to make for a kind of tarp system. The flysheet, being waterproof and supposedly super strong, can then also be used as a hammock.

Technical Details

Mattress:Nylon with R4 insulation,built pillow
Quilt:‎Nylon outer shuell with synthetic fill
Size:‎‎70cm wide x 2.2m long
Packed Weight:‎3.85kgs/8.5lbs
Head Pole Height:‎75cm(29.5 inches)
Foot Pole Height:60cm  (23.5 inches)
Quilt:‎2 Season Standard
Footprint Size:140cm wide x 2.1m long
The Flysheet/HammockLength:3.3m long


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