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About this item

  • A unique 6-in-1 modular tent that can be used as a tent, tent+awning, hammock, hammock+tarp, shelter or tarp. The  package adapts to all your adventures, on foot, by bike or by motorbike. You can choose to travel light for a solo adventure by only taking specific items, or you can choose to take all the items in the pack to take advantage of all the features.
  • tent is designed for two people. The roof of the tent converts into a hammock or tarpaulin, allowing you to customize how you use your. There are 2 hammocks supplied in the pack, giving you several different configurations. It’s also scalable, you can upgrade at any time, for example by adding a new ultralight to create an even lighter tent.  tents can be connected by a simple zip, allowing for unlimited group camping.
  • tents have internal blinds on the front and back of the tent that increase insulation depending on the freshness of the wind.
  • The is designed to be completely eco-friendly using recycled plastic. The tent is undyed and unbleached to avoid toxic products associated with the use of dyes. The aluminum is anodized using a process that releases fewer toxic fumes and uses less water.
  • The 7.9mm aluminum bars have a resistance equivalent to the 8.5mm bars but for 200g less. The connections of the sections are reinforced thanks to a unique system.
  • In addition to the guarantee, relies on simple repairs. If you have a problem with a part of your tent, you can only replace that part.
  • Modular and multifunctional
  • 6 functions in 1 scalable and durable product
  • Lightweight and reinforced bars
  • Shutters for better insulation
  • Eco-friendly design

Straps to form shelter
2 hammocks
1 hammock fixing kit 3m 1mm x 25mm
Under tent
Fixing pegs and guy lines x 12

Technical Details

Ground seal:4000mm
Roof seal:2000mm
Internal height:100cm
External height:110cm
Floor:230 x 120 cm Total
weight:3.09 kg (6lbs 13.00oz)
Tent:2 kg (4lbs 6.55oz)
tent + awning:‎2.4 kg
shelter:0.9 kg
hammock:0.5 kg
hammock + tarpaulin:‎1 kg
Large tarpaulin:1 kg


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