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About this item

  • A portable rope tow is a powerful tool for backcountry skiing that fits in your backpack
  • Designed to let you spend more time skiing or riding and less time transitioning and climbing.
  • Our aluminum snow picket is designed to anchor you in a variety of conditions. You can set it up either vertically or horizontally based on conditions. To increase it’s functionality we will laser etch references to help you analyze the slope and snow conditions. A webbing loop is included with the picket, and can be used to help you anchor in the snow or to distribute the load when anchoring to trees.
  • We are using high quality 550 paracord made in Canada.A mesh bag is provided to store the rope, along with a custom designed frame that will hold the bag open and allow you to hang it from your hip when packing up at the end of the day.
  • Vertical per charge will vary based on slope, snow, and other conditions. To get the most vertical optimal slopes are between 10-20°.

Technical Details

Weight:10.5lbs (4.8kg)
Line Weight:‎0.071 ounces/foot (6.61 grams/meter)
Max Tension:‎190 lbf
*Max Vertical per charge:‎2600 ft (800m)
Minimum Rated Temperature:-40°C(-40°F)


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