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About this item

  • Forget hammocks, they are so 2002. It’s all about the Cocoon Tree Tent! Whoever designed this deserves a series of high fives followed by some sort of awards after party. Designed to be hung in the trees, this is a no brainer path to relaxation. Featuring a circular bed, suspended in heaven the cocoon tree tent will gently rock you to sleep whilst you get over your awards party hangover.
  • STRUCTURAL FRAME: 3 meters diameter aeronautical quality 6061 aluminium frame. All connectors in stainless steel
  • WATERPROOFMEMBRANE: Tough PVC white membrane (630 g/m2).One entrance and two zipped and transparent skylight PVC windows
  • WOOD FLOOR: 12 mm marine plywood, waterresistant floor of 2,40 meters diameter

Technical Details

Color:‎Transparent, white
Materials:Galvanized Iron Pipe + PVC Troubled Asset Relief Program (tarp)
Frame material:Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe
Function:‎Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fireproof
Package size of single product:10x10X10 centimeters
Size:‎3 meters in diameter
Roof covering material:‎850g/sqm PVC coated Polyester fabric


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