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About this item

  • Smart Essential for Outdoor Adventures:stainless steel cookware is roomy enough to hold a decent meal, and sturdy enough to endure all the tear and wear in the wild. It also collapses in less than half of its original size, super easy to carry around, taking almost no space at all.Packed with various practical features, cookware is ready to embark on your next adventure in the wilderness!
  • Structurally Stable:cookware is constructed out of hard-wearing stainless steel, and the patented latches on both sides keep its structure strong and heavy-load resistant. Once the latches are locked in place, no need to worry about the cookware collapsing while enjoying meals or carrying in your backpack. reaches the optimal balance between portability and durability. The layered structure allows it to be compacted down when not in use, the rigid construction of the latches ensures stability, and the removable silicone gaskets form watertight sealing.When fixed tightly in place, the clasps on the side won’t get loose easily, securing the structure of cookware.Be it cooking, boiling water or heating up meals, cookware has got you covered!
  • 100% Leakproof:By fastening the latches, the silicone gaskets are pressed tightly into the stainless steel slots, creating a watertight sealing between layers. Perfect for boiling water or soup!
  • Safe to Use:Made of premium stainless steel, cookware is acid/alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, and also free of heavy metals. The lid and gaskets are made of food-grade silicone, completely free of BPA and toxic chemicals. You can cook directly over stoves without worries!
  • Cleaning Made Easy:To make cleaning effortless, all the components are dishwasher safe, and can be easily taken apart and reassembled. You can clean every layer of the container, leaving zero dirty spots!
  • Heat Resistant Handle:The detachable handle is made easy for cooking. Simply attach it on the side, make sure that it locks into place, you can then hold on to it while cooking or remove it from the fire. And the handle itself fits perfectly into the cookware, taking no extra storage space!
  • Easy Sharing & Packing:cookware is only 3cm thin in its collapsed form, but when fully extended, it provides a massive 1100ml capacity, great for sharing food and joy! It also comes with a food grade silicone lid, designed for packing and carrying food on the go.
  • Spill-Proof Silicone Lid:This silicone lid keeps everything contained, making  cookware also a container. You can easily store proper snacks or pack the leftover food at an easy reach on the way.We specially designed a breathable air vent on the silicone lid, allowing the hot air to discharge, preventing high pressure from the steam inside the sealed bowl.
  • Versatile Transformable Bag:We offer a practical bag made of splash-proof nylon fabric. With different forms to go with the cookware, it protects your cookware when stowed, makes it more convenient to bring meals on the go, and also serves as an insulated sleeve for enjoying your hot meal just off the stove.

Technical Details

Folding height:28mm
Weught:335g (with lid: 472g)
Material:304 stainless steel, food grade silicone(lid&gasket)


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