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About this item

  • Fire Blow Pipe:  In order for you to enjoy your time by the fire even more, there is a blow pipe to help keep the fire alive. By just pointing the pipe at the fire and blowing, you can help the fire to grow, while preventing the ash from flying everywhere.
  • Fire Tongs: Made to make it easy to move firewood about and help to adjust the fire. At about 54cm (21”) they are on the longer side, and lets you not have to move from your seat when you want to use them on the fire!
  • Be it thick logs or thin, you can be sure you can hold onto them! You can even use them to move ash! You can even break larger logs that are burning by hitting them with the end of the tongs.
  • Hook: You have the option of getting a special attachable hook as well as an ash hoe end, which lets you add even more functionality to the tongs!
  • You can use the hook to lift and place items such as dutch ovens or check on pots that you have a lid on without risk of burning yourself. You can feel safe carrying a dutch over that is about 30cm in diameter (about 9-10kg)! (When using the hook, please make sure you attach the screw tightly)
  • Ash Hoe: With this ash hoe option, you can clean up ash with the fire tongs! This is great for when you want to clean small pizza burners or log burners!
  • A handle that fits comfortably in the hand: The fire tongs are made to require less effort and power than normal tongs. This allows you to take distance from the fire while being able to safely adjust it with ease.
  • Easy to grip items: The end of the tongs are jagged meaning that when you try to grip something, they hold on tightly to the item.

Technical Details

Total Length:‎About 54cm(21″)
Weight:About 0.5kg
Handle:‎Tono Hinoki (12.5cm)


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