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Charcoal Grills-Cooking Specialist

The charcoal grills with bottom wire rack adopt reinforce support frame,which the bottom wire rack can bear very good weight,you can put many your favorite food on the grill,the bottom wire rack adopt the technological means,after using our charcoal grill for many times,our bottom wire rack will not be deformed and blackened,and our korean grill is very sturdy and durable.The portable charcoal grill’s foldable legs are not upright,the slightly outward design allows for even force,better support and stability of the camping grill.

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Heavy Duty BBQ Grill

The barbecue grill are made of stainless steel body,and the food is not easy to stick to the BBQ grill when it is heated,which makes the charcoal grills black,which is very easy to take care of.The portable grill adopt welding process,then our yakitori grill has the characteristics of burning resistance, durability,corrosion resistance,not easy to deform, high temperature resistance and so on.Because most of our charcoal grill are made of stainless steel,they are very easy to clean and no oil stains will remain on the grill.

Portable Grill

The charcoal grill’s size is 16.5inch*11inch*7.9inch.The camping grill with foldable support,when you don’t use this portable charcoal grill or need to take our hibachi grill out for camping,you can fold the small grill directly.The charcoal grill is very convenient for people to carry,store and transport.

Grill with Snow-Shaped Vents

The charcoal grills with snowflake-shaped vents on both side not only makes our hibachi grill look beautiful and novel,but also allows the charcoal to burn fully in the portable charcoal grill without being easily extinguished.You don’t need to worry about the charcoal fire being blown out by the wind.

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Enjoy Your Leisure Time

Our portable grill is very small,and our grill do not require installation,you can use the hibachi grill immediately after opening it.when you want to take the small grill out for camping,you can fold our grill directly, because the barbecue grill is small when it is folded,the charcoal grill can easily fit into the small box and be put into the corner of any car’s trunk.The independent day is coming,you can take our raclette table grill for camping,you can cook food on the lawn,and then spend your leisure time with friends sitting on the lawn eating food and chatting.

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  1. BonnieBonnie

    I absolutely love this grill. It’s the perfect grill for skewers. I have a large propane grill at home but I was looking for more of that charcoal Smokey taste I couldn’t achieve from a gas grill. It’s really nice, it gets everyone involved in the grilling process. Everyone is responsible for their own cook of their skewers. It’s easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to take on the go. Perfect for an evening get together with friends and family. This style of BBQ is unique and fun for my friends.

  2. 50Amateur 50

    This grill is great for one or two person bbq. The price is great and easy to put away. Easy to clean. Highly recommended.

    50Amateur 50
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