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About this item

  • Made of food-grade silicon rubber with heat-resistant up to 300°F (i.e.  150°C), unfolded is a great insulation between a cookware and a table. In addition, because of its weight, can be used to cover the paper lid of the cup noodles while noodles are being cooked inside the cup.
  • Due to the anti-slip feature of silicon rubber, is equipped with special grips to prevent cookware from sliding on the table.  What’s more, when transferring the cookware with to other surfaces, the embedded magnets will firmly stick to the bottom of the metal pots to provide ready protection.
  • Since is a collapsible box made of a piece of flat silicon rubber embedded with magnets,  it can only hold small amount of liquid not exceeding 2 cm water level at the max. Also, it is not intended to be used as an airtight container.
  • Unlike the ordinary storage boxes that you find in the market, the food residue on the unfolded can be rinsed off thoroughly with no dead ends. It is fast, clean, and water-saving.

    Technical Details

    Product Dimensions:21 cm x 21 cm
    Folded Size:‎14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm
    Bottom Area:‎11.5 cm x 11.5 cm
    Thickness:0.3 cm
    Material Type:‎Food grade heat resistant silicone rubber
    contains components:6 colors a set


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