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About this item

  • Summer is here, and besides the unbearable heat, there is the very annoying mosquito that likes to buzz around you. During your daily travels, it may wrap around your legs; when you fall asleep at night, it will fly to your bed and disturb your sleep. Most importantly, the bacteria carried by mosquitoes can make you grow some abscesses, red and inflamed for a long time, especially families with babies will become the focus of mosquito bites.
  • Traditional mosquito repellent lights need to be electrified, there are certain safety hazards at night, and the current sound and light after the electricity will greatly affect sleep, and mosquito repellent lights smoke, strong smell is not respiratory friendly, more harmful to children and children. Harmful to pregnant women.
  • In fact, with the smell of mosquito repellent is one of the more scientific, direct and effective methods. We choose and compare the products on the market, and then from this starting point to design a mosquito repellent product that meets our vision. The operation of the electric motor makes it safe to use at night, while maintaining good mosquito repellent effect, without worrying about the hidden danger of power outages.
  • Most of the time we are more susceptible to mosquitoes at night when it is quiet, as the buzzing sound of wings vibrating up and down in the air is more pronounced late at night. We studied the habits of mosquitoes and found that mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to bright colors and are afraid to approach, while light can deter mosquitoes to some extent. With the help of insect repellent and light, we minimize the impact of mosquitoes on sleep. Scattered soft and bright lights can also become night lights to accompany you through a peaceful night.
  • As summer approaches and more people are keen to explore nature, portability of going out becomes a very important thing. Our product is small and compact, measuring only about 61mm and weighing 122 grams, so you can easily fit it into your clothes pocket. You can also carry our products in a variety of ways, either by hanging them on your bag with the included lanyard or by using your own lanyard.
  • We hope you can choose your favorite scent to go with the repellent. With the motor, one mosquito repellent tablet can last for two days, providing you with safe and convenient protection. Built-in lithium battery, using Type-C interface charging once can meet the continuous use of two days, easy to carry.

Technical Details

SIZE:61mm x 61mm x 21mm


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