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About this item

  • STAINLESS STEEL FRAME:unlike most folding boats on the market, the motorized boat has a frame structure built-in to the boat.the stainless steel will make motorized boat even harder, tougher, and more durable than it already is
  • FISHING CAPABILITY: motorized boat is possibly the best boat to fish in the price point. with amazing stability, good design, and a standard live water tank, motorized boat will fulfill all your fishing needs.if that’s not enough, you can get motorized boats with the fishing package,which offers bass boat style floor, fishing platforms, and all the gear mounts you need.
  • ULTRA-HIGH CAPACITY: motorized boats has incredibly high capacity thanks to their design.with an average capacity of over 1000lb, even the smallest motorized boat is capable of hauling 662 lbs and that boat can fit in the trunk of a mini cooper. motorized boats’ design allows them to float on the water even when the entire cabin is filled with water.
  • HULL DESIGN: motorized boat’s hull design allows it to gain more stability.the deep v in the motorized boat guides the boat underwater while two side chines protect it from wind and waves.
  • ANTI-SLIP INTERIOR: the motorized boat features an in-house-made anti-slip surfaceall thru out the interior to protect passengers from tripping and falling.
  • PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY: the motorized boat offers the best performance and stability in the folding boat segment.our boats can go 35-45 mph depending on the model and motor. and the stability easily allows multiple adults to stand up in any part of the boat.
  • CUSTOMIZATION POTENTIAL: from the factory, motorized boats give you the option for a performance upgrade, fishing upgrades, comfort and luxury upgrades, and front control upgrades.and when you have one on hand, you will be able to add whatever you want to it.doesn’t matter if they’re fish finders, gpss, trolling motors;you will be able to do it.

Technical Details

# Of people:1-2
Weight Capacity:450lbs (204kg)
Weight:80lbs (36kg)


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