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About this item

  • The first multifunctional camping light with a built-in PI heater that can automatically heat up as a hand warmer. Its battery has also been upgraded. The built-in 15000mAh rechargeable lithium battery can last for more than 75H. Our camping light has more functions, longer battery life, and a redesigned appearance, is your best partner for camping.
  • The fun time of camping is at night, and the night is accompanied by darkness, ubiquitous mosquitoes and dropping temperatures. combines the functions of a light, a hand warmer, a mosquito repellent and a mobile power bank into one, making it a product truly designed for outdoor camping and bringing you a more comfortable camping experience.

Technical Details

  • A Clearer Sight at Night:has two modes—flashlight and illumination, the flashlight mode light is emitted by the 2 beads in the middle and the illumination mode light is emitted by the folded beads on both sides. When both flashlight and illumination modes are switched on, the maximum brightness reaches 360 lumens.
  • Portable Mosquito Repeller:After many camping trips, we have found that mosquitoes are afraid of orange light. Taking advantage of this weakness of mosquitoes, has designed a warm orange light to act as an effective repellent to mosquitoes when camping.
  • Hand Warmer:With the built-in PI heating film, the can be held as a hand warmer. The hand warmer can be used independently by pressing and holding the “flashlight” button for 3S to turn on the heat. Don’t worry,  is thermostatically protected for safe use.
  • Mobile Power Bank:When you”re outdoors, running out of battery can be a frustrating experience. And with built-in reverse charging technology, it can be used both as a luminaire and as a mobile power supplier to power your phone.
  • Multifunctional Lighting:has been designed with a two-sided folding bulb and built-in light beads for different uses. And a flexible hook at the top to meet your needs for different scenarios indoors or outdoors.
  • Optional Light Colour Temperatures:is available with both cool and warm light. When you are outside, you can use the cool light to get a brighter view; while inside the tent, the warm light creates a more welcoming atmosphere and also protects your eyes from glare, making them less likely to become tired.
  • Larger Battery Capacity:has a maximum internal battery capacity of 15,000mAh, which can last for more than 75 hours when using only the lighting function. Taking into account the habits of different users, we have designed in three versions, each with a different battery capacity and battery life.
  • Easy to Carry Around:The has a 90° folding design on both sides of the bulb, making it easier to store and carry. The foldable lighting can also be unfolded for illumination.


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