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About this item

Double Walled Insulation.
Giving up to 4 × heat, and 6 × chill retention
Different occassions need different heights
20oz / 600ml Capacity.
All that size, and still pocket friendly 🙂
We worked really (really) hard to make sure that all common sizes at coffee shops were accommodated for, and yet can still easily fit into a pocket for convenience.
Cool to the Touch.
Super Sleek Sip Lock.
Structurally Sturdy.
Hard outer shell means super secure holding
Speedy Collapsing / Expanding.
To compound on the convenience factor, an essential part of this is creating a way to quickly your mug, and then collapse it when you are done.Built to last.

Technical Details

Dimensions:193 mm 71/2 in
Dimensions:34 mm 13/8in100 mm / 4 in
Weight:4.25 oz / 120 grams
Material:‎Nano Silicone
Design Features:Double Walled Insulation


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