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About this item

  • Waterproof and UV functions are improved with a double roof! : A separate cover can be attached to the roof, and this double structure completely blocks rain and sunlight! Oxford fabric is used for the tent fabric, which has an excellent balance of lightness and strength. The 210D fabric is further coated with silver, making it waterproof and resistant to UV rays.
  • Car Stay Tent: You need a comfortable tent to enjoy the outdoors and camping. However, setting up a tent requires a lot of time and effort. Even if you think about camping, there are many times when you hesitate because of the trouble of setting up. This tent does not require any troublesome installation! It only takes about 5 minutes, so you can go out as soon as you feel like it!
  • Three-sided open structure: Features a cubic structure with a height of 2m. Due to its structure with little dead space, it provides users with a spacious space despite its compact appearance. The large three-sided windows are equipped with mesh screens that prevent insects from entering while allowing you to enjoy a pleasant breeze and beautiful scenery.
  • Versatile & Useful in Various Situations: Car tents are often unable to completely close the connection with the car, but all four windows of the car lock are double-layered with closed door seats and mesh. It can also be used as a normal tent. It may not be possible to prevent natural disasters such as earthquakes, but even if you do, it is important to minimize the damage and protect yourself and your family, which is what disaster prevention measures are all about.
  • Easy to store: Set up and store in as little as 5 minutes. You can secure outdoor time to your heart’s content with smooth progress. Comes in a storage bag that can be carried with a compact design. It is a size that you can carry over your shoulder. ●[Set contents] main tent *1, top cover *1, tarp pole *2, inner pole *2, windproof rope *6, floor nail *12, storage bag *1

    Technical Details

    Material:polyester cloth 210T/PU450mm (water repellent)
    B4 black high density mesh, bottom PE cloth
    support:9*2.0MM60 high elastic memory sand steel
    painted iron pipe diameter 16MM 2 pieces
    Packing size:83*83 * 14CM/12.5KG
    Sport Type:‎camp


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