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About this item

  • Designed to be the best automatic water filter for outdoor enthusiasts, easily solving the problem of using clean and safe water outdoors. With advanced safety filtration technology and light weight design, is perfect for camping, hiking, biking, climbing, backpacking, hunting, skiing, or any other outdoor activity you like.
  • Weighs 220 grams , is portable and handy in pockets, bags, purses or backpacks, unburdening heavy bottled water. Due to its lightweight and versatility, is the perfect device to purify water from the nearest streams, puddles, or ponds for outdoor activities.
  • Portable automatic outdoor water purification device. Just press the switch twice and will automatically filter the water for you. No pump/press or any wait for the chemicals to work and you will save time for more outdoor enjoyment.
  • The super power provided by and high accuracy of make the entire water purification process faster and more efficient. It can easily purify 9L of water in 10 minutes. It is no longer difficult to bathe and cook outdoors with clean water. It can easily solve water problems for more than 3 people on camping.
  • Comprehensive protection is achievable by removing all waterborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts), heavy metals, and even microplastics with advanced safety filtration technology. The can also be used separately to meet your lighter requirements.
  • Backwash with clean water to ensure safer and longer service. No need to disassemble, no other tools, just press the switch, will automatically clean the filter for you.

Technical Details

Weight:9.7 oz
Actual usage Flow:0.9L
Filter Accuracy:0.01-0.02micron
Remove Viruses:Yes
Filter effect:99.99%99.9999%


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