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About this item

  • Glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times
  • Air vent on door allow for optimum temperature control
  • Adjustable legs
  • 4-inch flue
  • Tools included, allowing you to adjust the bolts and legs on the stove
  • Product information

    Technical Details

    Packed dimensions (cm):‎60 x 37 x 37cm
    Net Weight:14.9kg
    Fuel:‎Wood, Eco fuel
    Material:‎Steel, Glass, European oak
    Packed weight:‎17.5kg
    Total height (legs extended):258cm
    Total height (legs shortened):‎250cm
    Footprint (legs extended):‎83cm x 45cm
    Footprint (legs shortened):‎71.5cm x 35.5cm
    Height of top plate from floor (legs extended):‎48cm
    Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened):‎40cm
    Material thickness:‎2.5mm (top plate), 2mm (body)
    Firebox:‎47cm x 28cm x 24cm (length x width x height)
    Includes:5 x pieces flue, 1 x spark arrestor
    Distance to combustibles:‎At least 60cm to the sides and rear, 100cm from top of stove to flashing kit
    Heat Output:3.5 kW


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