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About this item

  • PORTABLE DESKTOP FIREPLACE: This tabletop fireplace is designed for portable indoor and outdoor use. It is freestanding and can be flexibly moved to the dining table, pool or other place to decorate your night!
  • Smokeless, Ashless and Soot Free: Smokeless and odorless tabletop fire pit for healthy relaxation. When you need to clean, simply wipe your device a little bit with a soft cloth and you will not find any stains with ash, smoke or soot
  • INSTANT SPARKLING FRAME: It takes only seconds to assemble a tabletop fire pit. Pour 95% bio ethanol fuel into this tabletop fire and ignite it. Next, you can enjoy a vibrant 8-12 inch flame dancing in front of your eye
  • WARNING: Package does not contain bio ethanol fuel. The burning time of a tabletop pottery will last 40-60 minutes when fuel is fully charged (depending on room temperature and climate). Item Dimensions: H- 47cm / 18.5in, Item Weight: 3kg
  • STURDY DESKTOP FIREPLACE: The tabletop fireplace bowl is designed with a sturdy steel base and tempered glass panel to be durable enough for long term use. Whole package includes: 1 x Fireplace, 1 x Wick, 1 x Fire Extinguisher, 1 x Manual (excluding ethanol fuel)

    Technical Details

    Fuel Type:95% Bio Ethanol
    Burn Time ‎:Approx. 1 hour
    Material Composition:‎304 stainless steel combustion tank, tempered glass protection
    Applicable environment:indoor and outdoor
    Size: H-47cm / 18.5in
    Weight:6.6 lbs (3 kg)


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