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About this item

  • The is a fusion of the best aspects of three separate products. It combines the safety and sheltering of a tent, with the comfort and carefree nature of a hammock and the tautness/springy-ness of slacklines. Designed by industrial designers with a true passion for the outdoors, the quite literally elevates the idea of camping. Rather than pitching tents in the ground, this one straps itself to trees (or even cars), taking your camping experience up a notch. Climb into the and you literally feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. The tent’s slackline structure requires you to stretch the base out so it’s virtually flat (unlike a hammock, which naturally takes a curve)… this effectively gives the tent-bed its ‘spring’, making it feel like a cross between a hammock and a waterbed. The  can easily be mounted over rocks, roots, or even a river. If the ground isn’t suited for tent-pitching, or if you just want to ‘upgrade’ your camping experience, the  can quite easily be suspended above the ground. Conversely, if you’re in an open meadow with nothing to tie your shelter to, you can just pitch it onto land like any other tent.
  • The tent comes with enough space for one person to fit in comfortably. Its taut design allows it to have a long base, so you can stretch out without worrying about feeling cramped for space. The tent comes with a simple design that’s incredibly easy to set up, thanks to a single pole that helps define its shape, and a secondary smaller pole that gives it its width. Suspending the tent between trees is arguably as easy as mounting it on dry land, thanks to the suspension system that uses climbing-grade components and webbing straps that can easily be set up by a single person, can take as much as 440lbs of weight once suspended, and uses a 2-point connection on either side, keeping your tent from ever rotating or flipping over. The tent comes with two access points on opposite sides, that can be unzipped completely to give you an exhilarating view and complete ventilation. If the weather gets undesirable, the tent comes with a weatherproof fly-sheet that covers it completely, giving you and your belongings enhanced protection from wind and water. The comes with pockets on the inside to store your stash, and a gear hammock that hangs beneath the tent, acting as a shelf of sorts you can store your bags, bottles, and bulk in.
  • The tent fits into a cylindrical casing that’s no larger than a tripod bag, and when opened, it provides you with just the right experiences, from its ease-of-assembly to its comfortable design and ability to store all your belongings, all while braving any sort of weather you may experience. The tent’s hammock-inspired format is a refreshing take on camping, giving you the benefit of a comfortable base/bed to sleep on, along with a view that’s most certainly going to ruin floor-camping for you!

Technical Details

Trail Weight Suspended: 2.45kg / 5Lbs 6oz
Trail Weight Ground :1.86kg / 4Lbs 1oz
Full Packed Weight:2.70kg / 5Lbs 15oz
Packaged Size :67cm x 13cm / 28” x 5”
Floor Dimensions :203cm x 69cm / 80” x 27”
Peak Height :90cm / 35”
Floor : 210D Ripstop Nylon, PU 4000
Suspended Capacity: 125kg / 275Lbs

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Black, Orange


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