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About this item

  • Not Just Another Mess Tin:With a rise in camping and people exploring the wilderness, we want to help these campers, both new and old, have an easier and more fulfilling experience.
  • COOKING MADE EASY:The Slip Mess Tin is incredibly low maintenance, meaning you don’t need to worry about carrying a variety of pots and mess tins with you! If you wanted to, you can even use it at home in a variety of ways!So get rid of those older mess tins and pick up a brand new durable non-stick “Slip Mess Tin”!
  • CLEANABLE EVEN WITHOUT WATER:When you are at the top of a mountain or in the middle of a car camping trip, not having enough water for cleaning can be a problem. Cleaning normal tins can take a lot of water, but with the Slip Mess Tin, you can clean it with just wet wipes or normal tissues, and feel happy in the fact that it was easy to clean! You can also help save the environment by not wasting water!
  • CHOOSE YOUR TYPE OF COOKING:You can make your favourite trail food, or even experiment with various foods! The Slip Mess Tin is versatile, and lets you boil, steam, fry, grill, smoke, or even steam rice to perfection! Take your camp experience from great to outstanding with this amazing mess tin!

Technical Details

Size:length 9.5 cm x width 16.5 cm x height 6.4 cm
Special slip processing:Heat resistant temperature 300 ℃, pencil hardness 4H
Country of origin:‎Japan


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