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About this item

  • Incredible Fuel Efficiency – Other camping stoves will snuff your fire out; Designed with an air separator, the stove creates the space needed to get proper airflow; These engineered vents makes it easy to light and cook a meal with very little fuel; It’s almost too simple
  • Lightning Fast Setup – No longer does setting up your outdoor fire take hours; With an assembly time of 1 minute, you’ll be cooking way before it gets dark; And it’s completely collapsible which makes travel a breeze; Great outdoor cooking stove and for backpacking or hiking
  • Compete and Win Against the Wind – Some ultralight tiny wood stoves are really flimsy and have very sharp edges; And when that wind whips through your camp, your cookware can fall over, or worse your fire can go out; This is the most sturdy and rugged stove you’ve ever experience; The weight alone of the low-carbon steel anchors it to the ground and makes it perfect even for camping in extreme conditions
  • Doesn’t Stain Like Stainless Steel or Titanium – Silver backpack equipment looks nice when you buy it, but when it’s heated up discoloration remains and matte black soot cakes on the sides; cheap products is what they are and we made our solid beauty with that in mind; We did what competitors didn’t do; Your mini single burner will be sturdy on any surface and it won’t warp
  • Multi-Purpose – The moment you order, know you are impacting someone else; An orphanage in Phnom Phen, Cambodia receives a portion of the funds made from each purchase; Not to mention, when you make the purchase we would like to give you our lifetime manufacturers promise

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:‎12.8 x 5.91 x 5.47 inches
Package Weight:‎7.38 Kilograms
Color:‎ ‎Black
Material:‎Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium
Part Number:Part Number


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