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About this item

  • Rectangular comforter? Tapered quilt? It’s both:At first glance, it may look like an old school rectangular sleeping bag. But instead it zips into an semi-rectangular quilt that is free to wrap around you, so it is much warmer and feels like your covers at home.
  • How about a dual layer luxury mattress—built in:Forget hauling a bouncy cold air mattress that makes you lightheaded just looking at it. Our dual layer luxury mattress includes both a firmness-adjustable self-inflating mattress and a full foam pillow topper to boot. Add to that our legendary soft Pongee 50d sheet, and you have a mattress that’s as warm and as comfortable as it gets—without any unnecessary bulk.
  • Check under the hood:We designed a built-in hood into our sheet to hold your pillow and insulate your head and arms on cold nights. When it comes to comfort, we’ve thought of it all!
  • Made for your pillow:The only camp pillow that’s as comfortable as your pillow from home is your pillow from home. This designed to work with your full-size pillow and includes a pongee pillow case for the ultimate in comfort; all you have to do is provide your favorite pillow. Rest easy my friend.
  • Just roll and go:And when it’s time to go home, simply pull the plug on the mattress, and roll the whole thing up – pillow and all. It’s that easy.
  • Smart storage:The bed stashes easily into the included side-loading storage bag. Simply roll the end of the bag up snugly and clip the ends together to create a convenient carry handle. We will stay clean and dry until the next time you’re ready to roll it out and go.

Temperature Rating

Limit rating:  35ºF (2ºC)

Comfort rating: 45ºF (7ºC)

Quilt and sheet Materials:

Insulation:  200g 3d XD Synthetic

Shell:  70d Nylon Taffeta, coating-free, 210T, cire

Liner:  50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire

Zippers:  YKK #5 MUSI Interchangeable coil

Quilt and Sheet made it Vietnam

Mattress Materials:

Shell:  75d Polyester Taffeta, laminated

Foam (self inflating): 1.5” Open-cell PU Foam, solid

Foam (pillow top): 1.5” Open-cell PU Foam, solid

Valve: Zenbivy reversible, replaceable, quick-dump valve.

Mattress made in Taiwan


Weight:  8lb 10oz (3.91kg)

Packed Size:  26” x 10-14”

Mattress Size:  25” x 76”

Quilt Size:  90” x 64”


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