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About this item

  • [ADJUSTABLE COOKING HEIGHT] All New America Made Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit is an improvement over the the original Kit. The legs will collapse down to 20 inches making them easier to carry and store. Each leg will have a hard stop at 29 inches and 36 inches and fine adjustment for uneven ground.
  • [COOKING DISK] 18” carbon steel discada style skottle pan comes pre-seasoned ready to cook anything from steak to stir-fry.
  • [CONVENIENT STORAGE] The Carry Bag has also been improved.  The bag will include straps on the outside of the bag to slot the shorter legs into.  You can now carry and store the Skottle Grill in one package.

Technical Details

Material:Carbon Steel
Special Feature:Pre-seasoned carbon steel pan, extremely durable, Portable, everything fits on/in one bag for easy transport., Adjustable height legs, set anywhere between 20-36 inches with ease.
Color:Blue legs and Green carry bags
Is Oven Safe:No
Model Name:Skottle Grill Kit
Has Nonstick Coating:No
Product Dimensions:18 x 18 x 36 inches
Item Weight:21.1 pounds



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