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About this item

  • With a compact, flexible design featuring a coiled rod and an action camera mount, the perfect recreational fishing apparatus for all ages, experience levels, and weathers.
  • Measuring just 25cm (9.9 inch) in length, the scales down your bulky, expensive fishing rod into something much more compact and fun to use. Designed to be used by amateurs and experts alike, the fishing rod comes in 3 styles – the Dive Pack, the Spin Pack, and the Cast Pack that cater to the 3 different formats. All in all, the fishing rod can be used on land or underwater, and it even works with ice-hole fishing too!

    Technical Details

    the rod measures:‎60cm/24-inches
    fishing  rod  weigh: 2.54 – 5.75 ounces (72g – 163g)
    support:‎GoPro,Hero 3, Hero 10,DJI Osmo Action


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