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About this item

  • Show respect to your favorite specialty coffee! This coffee travel kit is designed for hard core coffee aficionados who insist on only the best ritual brew methods for their coffee. This kit would be the perfect holiday gift for that coffee-loving person in your life or a special treat for yourself!
  • The kits have everything you need to make the best pour-over or coffee on the go. We’re offering two custom built kits:
  • The kit uses three levels of custom foam and even has room in the bottom most level to add additional items of your choosing. This kit is housed in a heavy duty case with extras including a second mug, a  Press and a glass coffee server to make multiple cups at a time.
  • This is the absolute best case to serve up multiple cups of coffee. This is a party in a case, it’s a show stopper!Let’s take a peek at what’s inside the kits to make the perfect cup of coffee.
  • A goose-neck kettle is an absolute necessity when preparing a pour-over coffee. Our 40oz Stainless Steel kettle had to be durable enough to work on a gas stove, electric stove or over a camp fire.
    Coffee brews best at about 205″ F. The kettle’s built-in thermometer helps to easily get the best temperature.
  • For those times where you just can’t get to a stove, microwave or plug-in kettle, we’ve also included an ultralight portable camping stove with Piezo ignition system. This stove is perfect for using the kit outdoors. Comes in a convenient protective case.
  • The best coffee requires exact measurements of water and beans. Coffee beans of various varieties and roasts come in many sizes and densities, so sizing with scoops is inaccurate.
  • We’ve included a high precision digital LCD portable scale with a built-in timer for the various phases of brewing.
  • Once you’ve measured out your beans, you’ll dump them in the adjustable ceramic conical burr hand grinder for a fresh grind.
  • Some days you’re going to prefer an for the unique coffee experience. This coffee maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavor.

Technical Details

Combination packages heavy box *1
‎ cup *1
‎ Squeezer *1
‎40 oz stainless steel jug *1
‎lightweight portable camping stove *1
High Precision Digital LCD Portable Scale *1


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