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  • The Ultimate Adventure Gadget:The only gadget that includes GPS, bluetooth, voice and text messaging, a USB backup battery, a powerful LED flashlight and much MORE! Have peace of mind knowing you have all these safety features wherever you go.
  • Activity:The Activity app allows you to track your ride, run, or hike using the built-in GPS. You can also see real-time metrics like speed, distance, and travel time. When riding at night, the can automatically adjust light brightness based on speed. It can also switch automatically between road mode (flashing) and trail mode (solid).
  • Clock:The Clock app provides basic watch functionality including a stopwatch, timer, and alarm.
  • Compass:The Compass app gives you a magnetic heading using the tilt-compensated ecompass.
  • Flashlight:The Flashlight app gives you classic flashlight modes such as low, medium, high and strobe.
  • Maps:The Maps app allows you to view simple maps as well as navigate from waypoint-to-waypoint. At night, the flashlight can automatically blink to keep you on course. The light will also adjust automatically based on whether you are looking at the ground in front of you (low-beam) or at objects in the distance (high-beam).
  • Maps can be created using online hiking or biking sites ( or Google Earth).  You can also convert Activity tracks to Maps.
  • Messages:The Messages app allows you to send voice and text messages to other  users. You can also view the messages on a map which shows the sender’s location.

Technical Details

Waterproof:‎2m (IPX8)
Brightness:1000 LUMENS
Item Weight:‎0.44lbs(198g) / 0.56lbs(255g) with batteries
Product Dimensions:45.09mm*125.65mm


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