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About this item

  • SURGE TUBE: The Surge towable tube is a must-have for your collection. Both the shape and design of this tube is designed to maximize agility while providing more topwater speed and increased glide.
  • TOWABLE DETAILS: This towable measures at 64” X 86.5” x 11” and has a weight capacity of 510 lbs. Additional components included are: 3K 60’ Tow Rope.
  • MULTIPLE RIDERS: Do you prefer solo or group tube riding? Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered because you can solo ride, or group ride with up to 3 riders!
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Hit the water in no time with our Quick Connect Tow System. The High Tide Tube also has 2 speed safety valves, for fast inflation and deflation. This towable can be towed by a PWC.

    Technical Details

    Number of Riders:1 – 3 Riders
    60′ WSIA Rope Included:‎Yes
    PSI Required:‎1.4 PSI
    Number of Handles:6


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